Space Hulk - Brother Claudio

 See here for colours and technique used on this miniature.

Space Hulk Dead Terminator

Glazing over Chiaroscuro brushing

This is not what was planned for this piece at all. I wanted to work out a new bright scheme for my terminators by using this piece as a test run for all sorts of different colour ideas. I imagine he would have ended up looking like a Slaanesh terminator if I had gone ahead as planned but I didn't and thankfully he doesn't.
I began testing Graveyard Earth on one of his shoulder pads and it was such a subtle effect that I immediately painted all his armour the same colour and from there kept the subtle theme going by using similar and progressive colours like Desert Yellow, Bleached Bone and Bubonic Brown.

Chair - Delvan Mud
Eagle - Delvan Mud, watered down Brown Ink.

Armour - Graveyard Earth.
Armour artefacts;
Chalice - Bubonic Brown.
Skulls - Space Wolves Grey.
Jewels - Brown Ink.

Skull - Bleached Bone.
Cloth - Scorched Brown and Red Gore mix.
Wires - Catachan Green, small amount of Camo Green.
Parchment Paper - Desert Yellow, Bleached Bone. Text - Scorched Brown and Chaos Black mix.

Hobbits wip - Pippin

The first four images are from Codex grey to Skull white. the above image had some shaded areas painted with additional black and some highlights with white to tidy things up.

Tallarn Flesh glaze's

Some more Tallarn Flesh and some Tanned Flesh glazes.

The cloak is Red Gore mixed with Scorched Brown and a little Black.
The jacket is Shadow Grey.

Hair - Bestial Brown.
Bag/Straps - Scorched Brown. (forgot to mix a little chaos black in)
Trousers - Chaos Black with a small bit of Scorched Brown.

That's it so far, each part of the miniature getting a few glazes. All that remains is to finish the sword and eyes off before tidying the contrast up with more black in the shaded areas and white or bleached bone mixed with base colours for subtle highlights.

Hobbits wip - Merry

Here's a wip shoot of Merry, one of the eight hobbits I'm currently painting. The three other fellowship hobbits are undecorated and four hobbit Militia are also on the way. I'll be taking my time with these as some of them are among my favourites sculpts.

Gulhavar - Mantic ghoul conversion

More pound shop stuff, this time 'My Little Pony' rip off's contributed their wings to a Mantic Ghoul to create a cheap Gulhavar, terror of Arnor.

LOTR - Cheap Giant Spiders

I saw this ingenious article a while ago and was delighted to get 16 of my own for only 3 Euro. I also got 20 40mm bases for just over 2 Euro. So 16 spiders for SBG or WOTR for just over 5 Euro...cant get any better than that.

Under coated black.
Dry brush grey all over the top side.
Dry brush white over top side.
Glaze with a mix of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black
Graveyard Earth and then Bubonic Brown for the eyes.
Fortress Grey on the fangs, deadly!.

LOTR - Nazgul

Under coated Black.

Dry brushed with Codex Grey.
Glaze with a mix of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black. Brown is just mixed so it wont be pure black.
Another light dry brush of Codex Grey.
Finally shaded with Chaos Black.

Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black Glaze.
A light Boltgun Metal dry brush.
The sword edge was painted with Fortress Grey blending into Skull White towards the top.
Brown Ink was painted on the Boltgun Metal to get that brownish metallic effect on the sword hilt's.

Weathering effect on the cloak was water down Scorched brown dappled on which was followed by a light dry brushing of Graveyard Earth.

LORT - Huron

This is the fourth one, done last year sometime. mounted on a 60mm base if your wondering about his size.

LOTR - Huron (Ent)

Painted this for the One-Ring September painting challenge, Monsters!.

Space Hulk Genestealer

Scorched Brown - armour.
Codex Grey - hands, feet, claws.
Bleached Bone - claws, teeth.
Desert Yellow - wires.
Tallarn Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, Ogryn Flesh, Baal Red - severed head.
Badab Black, Delvan Mud, Brown Ink - Metal.
Red Gore - tongue.

Watered down Leviathan Purple was used on those slits on his legs and arms (I'm not too keen on doing that again). It was also applied to the armour on his back, watered down Badab Black was also used in places on his back and also for shading various recess areas such as between the fingers etc.

LOTR - Painting Wargs

I hope this will give you some understanding of how I painted the wargs. The only difference between this warg and those in the previous post was not using Desert Yellow as an intermediate colour across the wargs mid section between painting the Bubonic Brown and Scorched Brown.....

1 Chaos Black undercoat.
2 Brush Codex Grey. (letting each step dry before going to the next)
3 Brush mix of Codex and White (fortress greyish mix).
4 Brush Skull White.

When brushing, its like dry brushing but I keep the brush just moist enough to avoid a chalky look.

5 Glaze upper half Codex Grey. (shoulders etc)
6 Glaze upper half Bubonic Brown.
(At this stage Desert Yellow would have been painted across the mid section of the warg and on his back or could have been painted before the Bubonic brown).
7 Glaze Lower half Scorched Brown.
8 Glaze face Codex Grey.

Finally the gums and tongue where glazed Scorched Brown and the teeth with Bleached Bone. A light dry brush of b.bone was also used across the top of his back. Badab Black was washed over his legs, under belly and chest.
Sometimes I paint extra dark or light spots where its needed such as the face or areas of fur to help define the features, dident here though.

There is just under an hour between taking the first picture of the warg and the last which includes drinking tea 'and smoking!', I dont know if its a quicker or slower process but it certainly feels a lot more easier and organic.

LOTR - Angmar Spectre & Moria Bat Swarm

This spectre conversion was made using a knight of Numenor and a 40k skull that came free with a terminator in White Dwarf. Green stuff sealed up a bullet hole in his forehead and I added some hair to help the skull fuse with the body more seamlessly. I also tried some NMM on his sword and shin guards. I could have gone further with bleached bone highlights on the figure and more white on the metal but you know yourself, sometimes if you push it too far it ruins everything.

Reaper Bat Swarm, dry brushed codex grey and white. Bats where glazed with a mix of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black which was more on the black side than brown. A light glaze of scorched brown was done on the bats body. I tired some flesh colour on the face and ears but it didn't work out. The stones where painted with Codex Grey.

Chaos Sorcerer Lord Tzeentch

WIP pictures of this miniature are here.
His horns were finished off with Shadow Grey painting towards the tips, a small amount of chaos black was added closer to the tips. Scorched brown was used to paint his irises and the metal was done like mentioned in the previous post.

Chaos Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord wip

Dry brushed using codex grey first and then gradually mixing in skull white.

All colours were applied as glazes, somewhere between 1 part paint and 2 parts water, sometimes 3 or 4 parts water, depends on the paint.

Armour - Ultramarine Blue, then a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Ice Blue on just the mid tone and highlight areas. Finished with a glaze of Blue Wash.

Metal - Boltgun Metal followed by a Brown Ink glaze.

A mix of Shining Gold and Burnished Gold was used on the top of the staff and a few areas on the armour.

Globe on staff - Ice Blue, then Ice Blue with a small amount of white. finished with a Blue Ink glaze.

Skin - Shadow Grey.

Cloth - Space Wolves Grey.

Eyes - Buonic Brown.

Scorched brown was used on the claws and parts of the legs to help define the shaded areas more.

Chaos Sorcerer Lord

Chaos Black under coat.

Dry brushed with Codex Grey all over. Dry brush with Fortress Grey over mid tone and high lights. Finally dry brush using Skull White.

Any shaded areas spoiled by the dry brush where covered with black.

All mixes are glazes. amount of coats used depends on how its looking.

The metallic areas where painted with Boltgun Metal glaze.
A glaze of Brown Ink ( OOP with GW but still here ) was used to brown the various golden parts.

Parts of the armour and the cloak where painted with a few layers of Chaos Black glaze, enough to diminish the Boltgun underneath but not too much to destroy what's left of the highlights underneath.

Skin was painted with Shadow Grey and Chaos Black was added glazing up to the tips of the horns.

The blue was painted using Ice Blue and then given a glaze of Blue Ink

Scorched Brown for the belt and the bottom of his cloak.

Warlock Purple was used on the staff with Skull White being added at various stages of the pattern.

Codex Grey on the stone base.

LOTR - The Shade conversion

Mounted on a 40mm base, made from Mantic Games zombies and greenstuff.

LOTR Ent repainted

Just repainted this guy to get more contrast out of him and add some grey tones. He's on a 60mm base for anyone wondering about his size.

HeroQuest - Fimirs Orcs Chaos Warriors