LOTR Warg Conversion

I was inspired after seeing some riders of the dead conversions by ukfreddybear on the one-ring forums, in particular the straps he had made and I thought the looked very effective and easy enough so I said I'd give em a shot on a warg.

The painting is messy enough but i find it much more fun to paint this way than trying for unachievable perfection. I'm not as bothered by getting every miniature to be better than the last, its a relief really.

Got another conversion in the making, Shaman on a warg. I've just used a normal orc rider with some modifications like a cloak and horns made from an orc bow, anyway I'll post some pics soon.


ukfreddybear said...

Nice! That little loop makes such an effective difference.

BizzareWarstar said...

Seeing your conversions just made 'how to make straps' click in my head, thanks for the inspiration :)