Chaos Sorcerer Lord

Chaos Black under coat.

Dry brushed with Codex Grey all over. Dry brush with Fortress Grey over mid tone and high lights. Finally dry brush using Skull White.

Any shaded areas spoiled by the dry brush where covered with black.

All mixes are glazes. amount of coats used depends on how its looking.

The metallic areas where painted with Boltgun Metal glaze.
A glaze of Brown Ink ( OOP with GW but still here ) was used to brown the various golden parts.

Parts of the armour and the cloak where painted with a few layers of Chaos Black glaze, enough to diminish the Boltgun underneath but not too much to destroy what's left of the highlights underneath.

Skin was painted with Shadow Grey and Chaos Black was added glazing up to the tips of the horns.

The blue was painted using Ice Blue and then given a glaze of Blue Ink

Scorched Brown for the belt and the bottom of his cloak.

Warlock Purple was used on the staff with Skull White being added at various stages of the pattern.

Codex Grey on the stone base.

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Riparato FIxed Gear said...

I really like the muted tones of this. Very subtle paint job, clean and to the point.

Very cool