LOTR - Cheap Giant Spiders

I saw this ingenious article a while ago and was delighted to get 16 of my own for only 3 Euro. I also got 20 40mm bases for just over 2 Euro. So 16 spiders for SBG or WOTR for just over 5 Euro...cant get any better than that.

Under coated black.
Dry brush grey all over the top side.
Dry brush white over top side.
Glaze with a mix of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black
Graveyard Earth and then Bubonic Brown for the eyes.
Fortress Grey on the fangs, deadly!.

LOTR - Nazgul

Under coated Black.

Dry brushed with Codex Grey.
Glaze with a mix of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black. Brown is just mixed so it wont be pure black.
Another light dry brush of Codex Grey.
Finally shaded with Chaos Black.

Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black Glaze.
A light Boltgun Metal dry brush.
The sword edge was painted with Fortress Grey blending into Skull White towards the top.
Brown Ink was painted on the Boltgun Metal to get that brownish metallic effect on the sword hilt's.

Weathering effect on the cloak was water down Scorched brown dappled on which was followed by a light dry brushing of Graveyard Earth.

LORT - Huron

This is the fourth one, done last year sometime. mounted on a 60mm base if your wondering about his size.