HeroQuest - Lustrian Crusaders

Captain, Chef and Pathfinder.

The Pathfinders lantern came from a anvil on a banner from the Warhammer Dwarf Thunderers command sprue. The captains gun was made from a double barrel hand gun from the same dwarf sprue. The chefs hands, cleaver and honing steel are from a Mantic Zombie sprue.

The Backpack was made by putting a square piece of GS on his back. I pushed it firmly into place and used a flat edge to bring it back to the square shape.
The flap was made by slicing a line across the top front and sides of the square.
The top of the square was then gently pushed over the slice on both sides and front so the GS hung over the slice a little.

The rolled up cloth is a sausage of GS stuck on, the sides are flattened and then a spiral shape was pushed out.
The indentations for the straps were done while the GS was soft, I waited until it was hard before applying set/hard GS straps with super glue.

LOTR - Balrog

The whip was painted using the same colours as mentioned in the previous Balrog post with the addition of Chaos Black for highlighting. The Balrogs flames where also painted some more using the same colours. 

Additional Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone was used on the horns. The mouth received a wash of Red Gore.

An inky Blood Red mix was used for the bits on his body. Scorched Brown glazes where applied to the wing membranes, water down black was used for shading after.

Warhammer - State Trooper