Space Hulk - painting Sergeant Gideon

The usual brush through Codex, Fortress and White.

The brush on the left is the one I've been using to pre brush the miniatures, the one on the right is a GW fine detail brush (with about 4 hairs) for comparison. The brush I use is a cheap water colour brush that has been cut down to where the bristles are stiff and compact. They do have a slight amount of give though.

Usually, and in this case with this guys armor and skin, I mix water and paint at a ratio of about 70/30 or 1 part paint to 4 parts water. This much water means it takes at least 3 coats to see the effect but I must add that this is a safe mix (loads of water) because too much paint will ruin everything by smothering the pre brush and, if theres loads of water, it will pool in the areas you want to remain black.
So, when applying these watered down mixes, you must ensure you are not using a loaded brush.

Before I put any paint from a brush onto a miniature I always wipe it a few times on my thumb to actually see how much is coming off because its the minimal amount your after for a subtle build up of layers that don't destroy (much) of the pre brush. When you get familiar with what your mix is doing and how it works you can add more paint to use less layers or more water if unsure how a mix is going to behave.

Skin: Tallaran Flesh and Dwarf Flesh mix, about 50/50. took about 4 or 5 layers. Watered down Ogryn Flesh wash. 2 layers.

Hair: Scorched Brown and Chaos Black, about 70/30. 3 layers.

Armor: Graveyard Earth. safe mix, so lots of layers.

Metal: Devlan Mud. between 2 and 3 layers.

Armor Artifacts: Bubonic Brown. safe mix.

Blood Drops: watered down Brown Ink. this was also applied to other metal parts on the armor and hammer. 2 to 3 layers depending on how dark you want it.

Shield: Devlan Mud.
Boarder: Brown Ink.
Skeleton: Fortress Grey. small amount of Space Wolves Grey (The skulls on his armor where also painted this way).
Wings: Bubonic Brown.
Parchment: Desert Yellow. Bleached Bone.

Finishing details.
Hammer Grip & Cloak: Scorched Brown and Red Gore mix, about 60/40. 2 layers.
Wires: Catachan Green. 3 layers. Wiped the mix off the highlight areas with my thumb.
Parchment Text: Scorched Brown and Chaos Black mix, about 50/50.
Hammer Head: Ice Blue.
Light/lens: Camo Green (even though you can just barley see it).

Theres a good bit more that could be done at this stage but he's alright for now.

LOTR - Balrog wip

3 days in and perhaps twice as long to go...

I brushed him using Codex grey, Fortress grey and Skull White. Sorry there's no picture, the camera was being repaired. Still have to do the whip his wings and head details along with more body detail like the glowing parts.

So far...
Flame; Skull White, Bad Moon Yellow, Blazing Orange, Blood Red and Red Gore.
Skin; Chaos Black and Scorched Brown mix.
Horns; Graveyard Earth, small bit of Bleached Bone.
Skin; Tallaran Flesh, Ogryn Flesh.

LOTR - Orc Captain

Skin; Rotting Flesh all over. Delvan Mud. Rotting Flesh again mixing in Bleached Bone for highlights. Thanks to DMS for the skin tone tip.

Fur Cloth: Scorched Brown all over then a mix of S.B and Bestial Brown on the mid tones and highlights. Mix in Bleached Bone to that mix for highlights. Delvan Mud wash, finishing with a drybrush of Bleached Bone.

Rag Cloth: Scab Red and Scorched Brown all over. Scab Red on the mid tones and highlight area's. Delvan Mud all over. Scab Red and Bleached Bone highlights. Scorched Brown wash.

Metal: (pre brushed) Thin glaze of Brown Ink then Delvan Mud followed by a glaze of Boltgun Metal. Finally a coat of Badab Black with the edges painted Boltgun Metal.

Shield: (pre brushed) Brown Ink. The weapon head was also stained with Brown Ink.

Gloves/Boots; Chaos Black and Scorched Brown mix 50/50, mixing in bleached bone towards mid tones and highlights and as usual a wash mix of Chaos Black was painted in the shade areas of the entire miniature.

Dragon wip

The pre brush picture was taken well over a year ago and since then more white was applied. He's pretty much finished with just a few touches remaining and base work.

Skin; is all Scab Red glazing with a dark Chaos Black and Scorched Brown mix for shading after the glazes, this mix was also used to paint the wing arms and fingers. After finishing with the red I wiped my thumb across the highlight areas a few times removing the paint and leaving the white underneath exposed. A small amount of Red Gore glaze was applied to various areas dotted through out the skin to finish.

Back Plates; Scorched Brown.
Horns/teeth/nails; Scorched Brown, Bleached Bone, Delvan Mud.
Eye; Bubonic Brown, Sunburst Yellow, Blazing Orange.
Under Belly; Liberal washes of Leviathan Purple and Ball Red with some very light Skull White dry brushing.

Wings: Scab Red Glazes all over, shaded with Leviathan Purple. Applied the glazes with respect to the sculpt of the wings with Purple in shaded areas and Red on highlights. A very light Skull White dry brush was applied to the edges if the wings.

Finished off the whole thing with a Chaos Black wash mix painted into the darker areas i.e where the legs/arms meet the body and any deep creases in the skin and wings.

LOTR - Boromir Theoden and Eowyen

Just realised thats the first horse I've painted in at least four years. I stopped painting this about three times it got so messy, had to be finished though...

Skin: Tallaran Flesh. Tallaran Flesh and Skull White mix.
Hair: Graveyard Earth, Bubonic Brown, Bleached Bone.
Armour: Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black Mix. Boltgun metal. Mithril Silver. Badab Black. Delvan Mud.
Gold/Brass: Boltgun Metal, Brown Ink wash.
Cloth: Chaos Black and Scorched Brown Mix. Codex Grey.
Straps: Scorched Brown and Chaos Black mix. Bestial Brown.
Horse: Graveyard Earth, Bleched Bone, Skull White.