LOTR - Cheap Giant Spiders

I saw this ingenious article a while ago and was delighted to get 16 of my own for only 3 Euro. I also got 20 40mm bases for just over 2 Euro. So 16 spiders for SBG or WOTR for just over 5 Euro...cant get any better than that.

Under coated black.
Dry brush grey all over the top side.
Dry brush white over top side.
Glaze with a mix of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black
Graveyard Earth and then Bubonic Brown for the eyes.
Fortress Grey on the fangs, deadly!.


Mr Saturday said...

Great idea! They look bang on painted up too.

Purplesounds said...

Wow! I'm searching google for cheap spider toys now!

Do you know what brand you used so maybe I could search for them specifically? I really like the ones you got. Thanks.

BizzareWarstar said...

The company is Amscan http://www.amscan.co.uk/products/accessories/favours_packaged/spiders_6_pkg12/