LOTR - Moria conversions wip

I wanted to try sculpting some robes in water and then attaching them to the mini instead of sculpting a blob on the mini, I  thought a goblin shaman would be handy enough. I used the character Druzhag as a starting point and had great plans to emulate the sculpts cloak and general appearance with bats and all, as you can see though he does not look like that character. Initially I was disappointed with the end result because it diverged from the plan of a nice clean looking sculpt, but the tattered look isn't all that bad and fits the character background.

 The staff is melted and stretched plastic sprue. It makes some fine bow string also.

Bat Swarm
The bats where made using a press mold of spares from the Reaper Miniature Bat swarm. They only have detail on one side. They were suppose to be apart of the Shaman conversion, further emulating Drughaz, but it wasn't going to happen without the goblin looking awkward and even messier.


Sculpy iii was used to make the molds. I used Vaseline (petroleum jelly) so the GS wouldn't stick to the mold. First time using Sculpy and it seems cool enough, easy to use, simple to set and all that. Looking forward to sculpting a figure with it because it doesn't set until you bake it.

Spider Broods

see the finished Goblin conversion here.

HeroQuest - Lustrian Crusaders wip

These are coming along very slowly but their nearly ready for painting. I just based them and was inspired to add a bit more to the Chef after seeing SidtheSloth's fantastic dwarf conversions, in which he made reference to dwarf conversions from Hdr Tabetop.  fantastic sculpting from both

LOTR - Behemoth in the Dark

The second Dweller was painted like the first one with the exception of more orange being used.

LOTR - Dweller in the Dark wip

It's near enough finished with just some head and base details remaining. Winsor & Newton acrylic paints Mars Black and Titanium White were used on his skin. Additional colours are the same as those used on the Balrog.

LOTR - "Like unto the Balrog in apperance..."

These are some quick sculpts of Dwellers in the Dark. I took the very vague description of the creature from the Moria and Angmar book as a starting guide "Like unto the Balrog in appearance..." and used references such as gorillas and bulls for size and build.

The basic elements I use from the Balrog where big (but not as big) and full of molten lava. These are magical animations of evil so their anatomy doesn't have to be perfect which lets me get away with being abstract in sculpting.

For the Dweller's I made a wire frame consisting of two legs and a body section, the frame was a 'Y' shape which was stuck into a 60mm cardboard base. I shaped the legs first and then body around the wire. I then added another wire to the base which ran up to where the shoulders are so I could sculpt the arms, like in this tutorial from Massive Voodoo.

HeroQuest - Empire Crusaders

For his hand I used Scibor Miniatures tutorial on how to sculpt hands and feet. I followed the guide on how to make a foot but of course shaped it into a hand instead. The side bags come from the Dwarf Thunderers command sprue. The hammer on the chef below is also from the same sprue.

Theres a few gaps to fill and other things that need tidying but after that and some base work their ready for painting.

HeroQuest - Lustrian Crusaders

The Captains pouch and Chefs bag were made like the Pathfinders backpack by making a slit or cut and pushing the GS down over it.

For the Chefs rolled up cloth I wrapped straps around the piece before attaching it to the miniature unlike with the Pathfinders were I attached the straps after the GS was set.

A pocket and strap were added to the Pathfinders pack. The pocket was made just like the pack and the strap from a small piece of GS shaped into a rectangle on the pack with a rectangle indentation made on its front.