LOTR - Rhun and Harad

Part of my Rhun and Harad force which consists of The Serpent Lord, his giant bodyguard, a Dragon Knight, a Easterling War Priest, some Easterling and Haradrim warriors, and one soon to be blue wizard.

The Serpent Lord and giant were painted months ago. You can see more shots of the giant here. I just finished painting the Easterlings recently which were the first bit of panting I've done in a long time. The Easterling conversions come from 2013 as part of a sculpting challenge on the One-Ring forums.

I did note what colours were used on the Easterlings but its no guide. I'll be coming back to this when its time to paint the rest of the Easterling warriors.


    Chain Mail, dry brush mithril silver,

    Dry brush shinning gold. Dry brush chain mail.   
    Watered down brown ink and thraka green mix. (80/20)

    Dry brush shinning gold, dry brush burnished gold.
    pick out armour shade with watered down brown ink

Red Cloth
    Scab Red, wash agrax earthshade.
    scab red, blood red, blazing orange, agrax.
    wash baal red. blazing orange and bleach bone mix dry brush on highlights.

    Chainmail. Mithril Silver. Agrax for shade.

Black cloth.
    chaos black. scorched brown, bleached bone.

    Steel Legion Drab, dry brush Desert Yellow, dry brush Bleached bone.

Finally some shots of a wizard along with some work in progress shots of the War Priest conversion.