Hobbits wip - Pippin

The first four images are from Codex grey to Skull white. the above image had some shaded areas painted with additional black and some highlights with white to tidy things up.

Tallarn Flesh glaze's

Some more Tallarn Flesh and some Tanned Flesh glazes.

The cloak is Red Gore mixed with Scorched Brown and a little Black.
The jacket is Shadow Grey.

Hair - Bestial Brown.
Bag/Straps - Scorched Brown. (forgot to mix a little chaos black in)
Trousers - Chaos Black with a small bit of Scorched Brown.

That's it so far, each part of the miniature getting a few glazes. All that remains is to finish the sword and eyes off before tidying the contrast up with more black in the shaded areas and white or bleached bone mixed with base colours for subtle highlights.


Werner Kellens said...

Great, this I can use as a guide for trying this method on Gildor
Thanks for the previous tips and this wip!

BizzareWarstar said...

no bother man

Fin said...

Thanks for this tutorial! Im still searching for ways to improve my time management without making concessions to the detail. This technique might be the way to go for me!