Space Hulk Dead Terminator

Glazing over Chiaroscuro brushing

This is not what was planned for this piece at all. I wanted to work out a new bright scheme for my terminators by using this piece as a test run for all sorts of different colour ideas. I imagine he would have ended up looking like a Slaanesh terminator if I had gone ahead as planned but I didn't and thankfully he doesn't.
I began testing Graveyard Earth on one of his shoulder pads and it was such a subtle effect that I immediately painted all his armour the same colour and from there kept the subtle theme going by using similar and progressive colours like Desert Yellow, Bleached Bone and Bubonic Brown.

Chair - Delvan Mud
Eagle - Delvan Mud, watered down Brown Ink.

Armour - Graveyard Earth.
Armour artefacts;
Chalice - Bubonic Brown.
Skulls - Space Wolves Grey.
Jewels - Brown Ink.

Skull - Bleached Bone.
Cloth - Scorched Brown and Red Gore mix.
Wires - Catachan Green, small amount of Camo Green.
Parchment Paper - Desert Yellow, Bleached Bone. Text - Scorched Brown and Chaos Black mix.


noeste said...

That's a great colour scheme! Love it!

BizzareWarstar said...

Thanks noeste, the challenge now is getting the rest of them to look the same.

hannanibal said...

Epic stuff mate. It's saggyrectum BTW.

Anonymous said...

Great paint job!! Looks very smooth and blended.