Chaos Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord wip

Dry brushed using codex grey first and then gradually mixing in skull white.

All colours were applied as glazes, somewhere between 1 part paint and 2 parts water, sometimes 3 or 4 parts water, depends on the paint.

Armour - Ultramarine Blue, then a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Ice Blue on just the mid tone and highlight areas. Finished with a glaze of Blue Wash.

Metal - Boltgun Metal followed by a Brown Ink glaze.

A mix of Shining Gold and Burnished Gold was used on the top of the staff and a few areas on the armour.

Globe on staff - Ice Blue, then Ice Blue with a small amount of white. finished with a Blue Ink glaze.

Skin - Shadow Grey.

Cloth - Space Wolves Grey.

Eyes - Buonic Brown.

Scorched brown was used on the claws and parts of the legs to help define the shaded areas more.


werner said...


BizzareWarstar said...

cheers werner, the dry brush and glaze seems to work better on the fantasy sculpts than LOTR's.

si said...

Awesome job!! Nice and clean :-)