LOTR - Orc Captain

Skin; Rotting Flesh all over. Delvan Mud. Rotting Flesh again mixing in Bleached Bone for highlights. Thanks to DMS for the skin tone tip.

Fur Cloth: Scorched Brown all over then a mix of S.B and Bestial Brown on the mid tones and highlights. Mix in Bleached Bone to that mix for highlights. Delvan Mud wash, finishing with a drybrush of Bleached Bone.

Rag Cloth: Scab Red and Scorched Brown all over. Scab Red on the mid tones and highlight area's. Delvan Mud all over. Scab Red and Bleached Bone highlights. Scorched Brown wash.

Metal: (pre brushed) Thin glaze of Brown Ink then Delvan Mud followed by a glaze of Boltgun Metal. Finally a coat of Badab Black with the edges painted Boltgun Metal.

Shield: (pre brushed) Brown Ink. The weapon head was also stained with Brown Ink.

Gloves/Boots; Chaos Black and Scorched Brown mix 50/50, mixing in bleached bone towards mid tones and highlights and as usual a wash mix of Chaos Black was painted in the shade areas of the entire miniature.


Werner Kellens said...

I really like the skin!
Nice done

hannanibal said...

It looks alive! Well done!

DMS said...

Awesome mate - really scary looking