LOTR - Boromir Theoden and Eowyen

Just realised thats the first horse I've painted in at least four years. I stopped painting this about three times it got so messy, had to be finished though...

Skin: Tallaran Flesh. Tallaran Flesh and Skull White mix.
Hair: Graveyard Earth, Bubonic Brown, Bleached Bone.
Armour: Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black Mix. Boltgun metal. Mithril Silver. Badab Black. Delvan Mud.
Gold/Brass: Boltgun Metal, Brown Ink wash.
Cloth: Chaos Black and Scorched Brown Mix. Codex Grey.
Straps: Scorched Brown and Chaos Black mix. Bestial Brown.
Horse: Graveyard Earth, Bleched Bone, Skull White.





hannanibal said...

These are amazing.

BizzareWarstar said...

cheers hannanibal, I struggled alot with Boromir's armour and the horse. Eowyn face was a nightmare too. I'm not that pleased with those aspects to be honest but dont mind leaving them that way, just clearing my back log. painting's been a bit difficult lately.