LOTR - "Like unto the Balrog in apperance..."

These are some quick sculpts of Dwellers in the Dark. I took the very vague description of the creature from the Moria and Angmar book as a starting guide "Like unto the Balrog in appearance..." and used references such as gorillas and bulls for size and build.

The basic elements I use from the Balrog where big (but not as big) and full of molten lava. These are magical animations of evil so their anatomy doesn't have to be perfect which lets me get away with being abstract in sculpting.

For the Dweller's I made a wire frame consisting of two legs and a body section, the frame was a 'Y' shape which was stuck into a 60mm cardboard base. I shaped the legs first and then body around the wire. I then added another wire to the base which ran up to where the shoulders are so I could sculpt the arms, like in this tutorial from Massive Voodoo.

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