Dragon wip

The pre brush picture was taken well over a year ago and since then more white was applied. He's pretty much finished with just a few touches remaining and base work.

Skin; is all Scab Red glazing with a dark Chaos Black and Scorched Brown mix for shading after the glazes, this mix was also used to paint the wing arms and fingers. After finishing with the red I wiped my thumb across the highlight areas a few times removing the paint and leaving the white underneath exposed. A small amount of Red Gore glaze was applied to various areas dotted through out the skin to finish.

Back Plates; Scorched Brown.
Horns/teeth/nails; Scorched Brown, Bleached Bone, Delvan Mud.
Eye; Bubonic Brown, Sunburst Yellow, Blazing Orange.
Under Belly; Liberal washes of Leviathan Purple and Ball Red with some very light Skull White dry brushing.

Wings: Scab Red Glazes all over, shaded with Leviathan Purple. Applied the glazes with respect to the sculpt of the wings with Purple in shaded areas and Red on highlights. A very light Skull White dry brush was applied to the edges if the wings.

Finished off the whole thing with a Chaos Black wash mix painted into the darker areas i.e where the legs/arms meet the body and any deep creases in the skin and wings.

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Absolutely Outstanding!!!