The Lord Of The Rings Eomer on foot

Skin - dwarf flesh + tallarn flesh + white. Graveyard earth for shading.
Hair - graveyard earth + bubonic brown + bleached bone.
Eyes - bleached bone + skull white. black (for pupil).

Red (armour) - scorched brown + dark flesh + scab red. scab red + bubonic brown + bleached bone.
Brown (straps) - scorched brown + bestial brown + bleached bone.
Green (pouch, sleeve, legs) - catachan green + codex grey + bubonic brown + bleached bone.

Sand (armour detail) - graveyard earth + desert yellow + bleached bone.
Helmet hair - codex grey + dheneb stone + bleached bone.

Metal (sword, helmet, buckles, chain mail) - boltgun metal. mithril silver. burnished gold.
The chain mail and metal armour was shaded using watered down black. the chain mail was also lightly painted with watered down bestial brown. Watered down scorched brown and black was used to shade and separate individual parts where fit.

Base - scorched brown. bestail brown. bleached bone dry brush.

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