The Lord Of The Rings - Rangers (wip)

Undercoated black and drybrushed with fortress grey and skull white to define areas. The first colour applied is the base, the second is mixed in to make midtone colors and the third is mixed in for highlights.

Skin - dwarf flesh + tallarn flesh + skull white.

Head detail;
eyeball - bleached bone.
pupil - graveyard earth.
eye brow - graveyard earth.
hair - graveyard earth + bubonic brown + bleached bone.
shade between hair and face - water down graveyard earth.
(graveyard is good at calming vibrant skin tones down.)

grey cloak - Adeptus battlegrey + codex grey + fortress grey. 1st + 2nd color + black for shade.

green cloth - catachan green + camo green + bleached bone. 1st + 2nd color + black for shade.

sandy cloth - graveyard earth + desert yellow + bleached bone. graveyard + black for shade.

everything that's brown - scorched brown + bestial brown + bleached bone.
The mixes and the amount of water used varies from different bits so some are lighter or darker.

arrow feathers - shadow grey over white drybrush.

bow (spear) - bestial brown + snakebite leather.

Metal - boltgun metal. mithril silver.

Areas of shade such as creases in the cloth got a waterd down mix of graveyard earth and chaos black (mud green color), this mix was also used to define the seperation of areas such as where arms meet cloaks or between fingers.

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