LOTR - Moria conversions wip

I wanted to try sculpting some robes in water and then attaching them to the mini instead of sculpting a blob on the mini, I  thought a goblin shaman would be handy enough. I used the character Druzhag as a starting point and had great plans to emulate the sculpts cloak and general appearance with bats and all, as you can see though he does not look like that character. Initially I was disappointed with the end result because it diverged from the plan of a nice clean looking sculpt, but the tattered look isn't all that bad and fits the character background.

 The staff is melted and stretched plastic sprue. It makes some fine bow string also.

Bat Swarm
The bats where made using a press mold of spares from the Reaper Miniature Bat swarm. They only have detail on one side. They were suppose to be apart of the Shaman conversion, further emulating Drughaz, but it wasn't going to happen without the goblin looking awkward and even messier.


Sculpy iii was used to make the molds. I used Vaseline (petroleum jelly) so the GS wouldn't stick to the mold. First time using Sculpy and it seems cool enough, easy to use, simple to set and all that. Looking forward to sculpting a figure with it because it doesn't set until you bake it.

Spider Broods

see the finished Goblin conversion here.

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