Warhammer Quest pt3: Brimstone Horrors

This is the third paint scheme I applied to the Brimstone Horrors. I messed up the first attempt when highlighting the fire with darker colours and then managed to make them look even worse with the second attempt. I got demoralized but was determined to finish them by the week end to have all the Horrors from the set complete.
The Knight Questor is up next for painting but I'm waiting on some paints before I can get started. Hopefully I'll have them before mid week, if not I'll have to crack on without. 'till then.

Colours Used: Troll Slayer Orange, Baal Red, Mephiston Red, Dorn Yellow, Scar White, Lothern Blue, Warboss Green, Warpstone Glow, Steel Legion Drab, Tallarn Sand and Ushabti Bone.

Pink Horrors
Blue Horrors

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AsaltoRabioso Lleida said...

awesome man!
really cool job!! :D