Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower pt1 Pink Horrors

All Tzeentch bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord Of Change them all.

It's going to be all things Tzeentch for a while around here with Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. As you can see I have all the minions of the tower assembled and based. Painting wise I've gotten the three different types of Horrors primed and I've already finished painting the Pink ones. The blue horrors will be next and then the Brimstones. For now though I leave you with the project's current painting benchmark, the pink horrors...

Paints: Screamer Pink, Druchii Violet, Emperor's Children, Fenrisian Grey, Drakenof Nightshade, Lothern Blue, Rhinox Hide, Steel Legion Drab, Tallarn Sand, Ushabti Bone, Caliban Green, Biel-Tan Green, Warboss Green, Moot Green, Leadbelcher and Runefang Steel.

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