The Lord Of The Rings - Gamling

Skin: Tallarn Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, Scorched Brown mix.
Hair: Scorched Brown, Chaos Black mix followed by Scorched Brown.

Scorched Brown, Red Gore mix. Skull White mixed in for highlights.

Catachan Green, Codex Grey mix.

Cloak Trim: I started with light glazes of Desert Yellow but used Bubonic Brown instead. Bleachd Bone was added to the mix for highlighting and then Skull White was added for more. Graveyard Earth glaze to finish.

Leather: Scorched Brown. Scorched Brown and Bestial Brown. Skull white mixed in for highlights. A few Scorched Brown glazes where applied to his waist/chest belt.

Before starting the metallics I touched up any white that was accidentally painted.
Metal: Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black glaze. Brown Ink was added to certain parts which where then brushed with Botlgun metal and Mithril Silver.
Gloves/Boots: Scorched Brown and Chaos Black mix.

Sometime after painting the cloth I added a little Elf Flesh to to the skin mix for subtle touches.
To finish, a Scorched Brown and Chaos Black watery mix was used to define certain areas and finally Graveyard Earth was used to weather the bottom of his cloak.


Chris said...

wow impressive :) all look nice, the cloak specially i love it

BizzareWarstar said...

thanks Chris

Purplesounds said...

Absolutly fantastic looking!

Any chance of you painting up some more Rohan guys?

BizzareWarstar said...

That was my last Rohan guy Purplesounds, sorry.

Darcy Perry said...

Inspiring. It's about time I got out some more Lord of the Rings miniatures and painted them. I love your face work. Well done.