Warhammer Quest Part 4: Knight Questor

Thought I might get away without painting the freehand details on his cloak but its obvious now I didn't as it looks quite bare. I really want to move onto something else at this stage so I'm leaving him like this for the moment.

Colours Used:  Fenris Grey, The Fang, Nuln Oil, Lothern Blue, White Scar, Mephiston Red Red, Agrax Earthshade,  Evil Sunz Scarlet, Ushabti Bone, Gehenna's Gold, Auric Armour Gold, Ogryn Flesh Wash, Runefang Steel, Brown Ink,  Mechanious standard grey, Dawnstone, Celestra Grey, Zandri Dust , Leadbelcher and Iron Breaker.

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benvoliothefirst said...

Still loving your work! Thanks for the detailed breakdown. I'm close to finishing my classic WHQ set and starting to think about assembling and painting Silver Tower, I'm sure I'll refer to your work frequently.

BizzareWarstar said...

Thanks man, glad its of use. Reminds me I must re paint my HQ hero's.