The Lord Of The Rings Rohan conversions royal guard

converted these some time ago with arm tweaks and weapons replacement. needed some cheap royal guard.

Green (cloak) - catachan green + codex grey + skull white. catachan green + black for shade.
Green (shield) - catachan green + bubonic brown + bleached bone.
Blonde (hair) - bubonic brown + fortress grey.
Brown (shield detail) - graveyard earth + desert yellow + bleached bone.
Brown (tunic) - black + scorched brown + bleached bone.
Brown (straps) - scorched brown + dark flesh + codex grey.
Brown (cloak stains) - bestial brown glazes.
I think the red on the the arms is dark flesh and fortress or codex grey. as always most shaded areas where painted using a dark wash mix.

(detail picture)- one or two glaze type mixs of boltgun over each scale was enough along with the dry brush to create a rich looking metallic.

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Baconfat said...

The conversions are great. Some terrific painting there too.